Sammet Shikhar. The Land of Tirthankara's salvation.

Sammet Shikar and Shatrunjaya are the most important jain pilgrimage among all the jain pilgrimages. In the western part of india shatrunjaya tirth is the most prominent and in the east the Sammed shikhar.


Sammet Shikhar is situated in Jharkhand state in district of Giridhi, in Inida.

It is impossible for the human mind to estimate the cosmic and the eternal power and purity of that land on which even one tirthankaras attainded the salvation, so what would be the condition for the human brains where twenty tirthankaras attatined salvation.

Even though first salvation was attained on himalaya but today that pilgrimage is invisible to us. In this case sammet shikhar is the only place which is known as the mountain of salvation. This is also true as except bhagvan Rishabdev, bhagavan Vasupujaya, bhagvan Nemihatha and bhagvan Mahavira all the twenty tirthankaras attained salvation here on the sammet shikar hills.

Names of tirthankara who attained salvation on Sammet Shikhar:

Word meaning of Sammet Shikhar:

Literal meaning of sammed shikhar is mountain of purifying powers. The more influencing meaning is that mountain blessed by touch of the most powerful and eternal persons (the tirhtankaras) and are residing, is the sammet shikhar.

Sammet Shikhar tirth is also known as the tirth raj of all the jain tirth. This sacred tirth was known by the names - Samet Giri, Samet Shikhari, Samadhi Giri, Samidi Giri etc. At present, it is known as Sammet Shikhar or Parshvanath hill. It is known as Sammet Shikhar for Swetambar and Sammed Shikhar for Digamber, it is not due the religious conflict between them, but due to the ancinet language used by each of them. Swetambar used Ardhmargi Prakrit and Digambar used Saursaini Prakrit.

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