Beespanthi Kothi

Beespanthi kothi is the oldest (around 400 years) established to facilitate and accommodate the pilgrims. Inside this kothi there is a temple in which beautiful idol of Bhagwan Parashvanath is installed. All together there are eight Jinalayas constructed which shows a magnificent art work. In these Jinalayas idols of Bhagwan Parshavnath, Puspadanta, Adinath idols are installed.

In front of this kothi there is a 24 Tonk mandir. In this temple there are 24 Tonks for the 24 tirthankaras whose idols are place in these tonks. There is a huge temple with a 25 ft tall statue of Bhagwan Bahubali. On the right and left side of this magnificent statue there are two jinalayas of bhagwan Gautam Swami and Bhagwan Parashvanath. At the center of this 24 Tonk mandir/temple there is a Mahastambh (pillar) which is 51 ft in height.

Ahead of this temple is the Samvarsharam Mandir/Temple. This temple has entrance from all the four directions. Here one can view a beautiful idolistic description of the samvasharam principle. The four faced Jin (tirthankaras) idols are seen placed under the shadow of the ashoka tree, along with the various plants and animals. This view is really a beautiful and heart touching experience is gained.

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