Teerth Darshan

Right time for starting journey to hills is around 5 a.m., before starting for journey one has to visit Bhomiyaji Mandir for blessing from the Adhisthayak Dev. After starting the journey and about 3 k.m. ahead comes Gandharv Nala.

Again after 3 k.m of journey comes Sital Nala.

After that we have to climb at least 500 stairs to reach the actual starting point of our journey i.e. the starting point of the tonks.

  1. Gautam Swami Tonk
  2. Kunthunath Tonk
  3. Arnath Tonk
  4. Mallinath Tonk
  5. Shreyansnath Tonk
  6. Suvidhinath Tonk
  7. Padmaprabh Tonk
  8. Munisuvrat Tonk
  9. Chandraprabh Tonk (after getting down from chandraprabh Tonk)
  10. Adinath Tonk
  11. Anantnath Tonk
  12. Sheetalnath Tonk
  13. Sambhavnath Tonk
  14. Vasupujya Tonk
  15. Abhinandan Tonk
  16. Jal mandir Tonk
  17. Dharmnath Tonk
  18. Sumatinath Tonk
  19. Shantinath Tonk
  20. Arishtanemi Tonk
  21. Mahaveer Swami Tonk
  22. Suparshvanath Tonk
  23. Vimalnath Tonk
  24. Ajitnath Tonk
  25. Neminath Tonk
  26. Parshvanath Tonk

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