Adhisthayak Dev Bhomiyaji

It is believed that Tirthankaras are free from worldly affairs. They never grant a wish when happy neither curse when not happy from a devotee i.e. is they are fee from worldly affairs unlike the gods. But there are highly devoted disciples/worshippers or the ruling deities (known as Adhisthayak dev) of tirthankaras, who in turn fulfills the desires of the devotees. In Jainism there are two powers in face of Adhisthayak Dev's which are world famous-- One is Nakoda Bhairavji of Rajasthan and Bhomiyaji in Shikarji Jharkhand.

Whether it is day or night on the hills of Sammet Shikarji the devotees are protected by the power of Adhisthayak Dev Bhomiyaji Maharaj. It is really a miracle that no such awful/bad incident has occurred in the hill/forest despite of wildlife presence in the forest, this is only due to the miraculous power of Shri Bhomiyaji Maharaj.

Let's hail our Adhisthayak dev, "Bhomiyaji Maharaj ki jai".

Bhomiya ji Maharaj is the protector of this Tirthraj "the Sammed Shikarji", Adhisthayak dev not only protects/guards the devotees and the hills/forest but also grants/fulfills whishes to true worshipers/devotee. In the hills of Sammet Shikhar there is highly adoring and lively statue of Baba Bhomiyaji.

People worship the power icon, Shri Bhomiyaji by offering oil and vermillion and show their respect/love by singing bhajans.

Every year millions of spectators/worshipers/devotees arrive on the door front of Bhomiyaji with their different wishes to be fulfilled. miracle on this place are common many of the blind have received their vision, dumb their speech, and many depressed person have been released of their tension over there.

Every year during the festival of holi, various programs are organised, in which people/devotees from all over India assembles there for worship of Bhomiyaji. People during this time worship the god by singing devotional songs throughout night.

It is a tradition that people, before starting journey for the sacred shrines, should /or take a glance of Adhisthayak dev and worship and take a silent permission from Bhomiyaji Maharaj. It is because if any visitor on the hills forgets the route or is afraid of the hills/forest then Bhomiyaji Maharaj comes to the rescue i.e. show them the way and protect from fears.

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