Jain dharma consists of 24 theerthankars.In these 24 theerthankars the 23rd theerthankar is considered to be Swami Parshwanath bhagwan. Hence the concept of Shakthipeet basically concentrates on the worship (Mathr upasana or aradhana) of Swami Parshwanath bhagwan. Jain dharma gives importance or prominence to athma sadhana or the inner search (knowing the once true self). Pooja and Bhakthi are just mediums to realize one self and Krishnagiri thirth motive is to make one realize his/her self. Hence the entire motive of Krishnagiri is to project itself to the world as a center or platform for peace and harmony.

Today Shaktipeet is the world’s highest Jain temple adorning images of the Tirthankar Arihanta Paramatmans

Some special features of this unique temple are:

  • First ever highest (365 ft high) Jain temple in the world.
  • Four beautiful images of the 23rd Tirthankar Lord Parshwanatha, each 23 ft high will be installed.
  • Four images of the Moolnayak Lord Parshwanatha Prabhu-two white and two black.
  • Four-faced magnificent images, along with the splendid view of the Samavasharana ( the holy assembly of a Tirthankar).
  • 8 attending deities each 17ft height to be installed.
  • 51 ft high replica of Ashoka tree.
  • Halo (Bhamandal), divine umbrellas (tri-chatra), holy trumphets (deva-dundhubhi) and other unique symbols (pratiharyas).

1008 beautiful and magnificent images of the Tirthankar Lords will be installed .
415 ft high central hall i.e., rangmandap exhibiting supernatural and divine powers.
Out of the world art, architecture, sculpture of this temple will make you forget the beauty of the famous Delwada and Ranakpur temples of Rajasthan

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