Liberation moment of Lord Mahavir

At time of Liberation of Lord, Kings of 18 places were present & as attainment of Liberation of Lord marked dawn of Light of Knowledge from World, Dipak’s were lighted up to glow up the place. From that time lighting of Dipak was done on Liberation day of Lord & festival was initially named as Dipotsavi which got famous as Deepavali too all across. All Indra dev’s reached Apapapuri (now known as Pawapuri) to celebrate MOKSH KALYANAK of Lord Mahavir. To perform final rites, Dev’s prepared everything & Lord’s body was bathed from holy water. Finally as the procession started towards the place for last rites, everyone were in tears & full of sad feeling. Shibika in which Lord was kept seated was carried by Dev’s & reached to final destination with lacs & lacs of people following it. Final rites were done by Dev’s & after final rites Asthi’s were taken off by Dev’s. Before attaining NIRVAAN, Lord had handed over discipline of entire chaturvidh sangh & all sadhu sadhvi bhagvant’s to SUDHARMA SWAMI.

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