Swetamber Jain Kothi

On watching this kothi it looks like we are in a fort of olden ages. All together there is a group of 11 temples in this area. On entering the kothi there is a temple of Adhisthayak Dev Sri Bhomiyaji Maharaj known as Bhomiya Mandir/temple.

Bhomiyaji Mandir: it is believed that idol of Bhomiyaji Maharaj emerged out of earth on which this temples was constructed.

In the other side of the Bhomiya temple there is a jinalaya where idol of Shamaliya Parashvanath is installed as a ruling diety. On the other side of the temple there is a temple in which idols of Bhagvan Parashvanath on one side and Bhagavan Sheetalnath on the other side is placed. On the top portion of this temple there is another temple of Bhagavan Parashvanath where four faced idol of Bhagavan is placed.

On this area of the temple there are many other temples among which one is of Bhagavan Chandraprabhu. The magnificent art work and idol work illustrates the different jain pilgrimages in these temples.

Among other temples there are two temples of Bhagavan Parashavnath, In one of the temple there are 20 feet impression of twenty Tirthankaras.

Other temples include:

Bhagavan Kodi Parashvanath, Bhagavan Chitamani Parashvanath, Bhagavan SuParashvanath, Bhagavan Gandhar Swami.

This kothi is equipped with huge dharamsala along with bhojanalaya (food facilities).

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